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WTB - Speed She Saddle

WTB - Speed She Saddle

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This female-focused saddle has become one of our most popular models with its ergonomic shape, smooth curves and low-profile stitching. Its medium width and rounded, fall-away profile make the Speed She an easy-to-ride, easy-to-maneuver saddle.
USAGE: Urban - Trail - Bikepacking
Product  Rail Material Rail Color Weight Details Width Length Sit Bone Range Part Number

Speed She Cromoly Wide Saddle

Cromoly Black and gloss black 296g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / HLX + Gel Padding Wide - 150mm 245mm 131-155mm W065-0627

Speed She Steel Wide Saddle

Steel Gloss black 325g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNAx Padding Wide - 150mm 245mm 131-155mm W065-0622
Contoured Profile
Contoured shape cradles the pelvis to provide optimal support in one sitting position. Contoured saddles are best for riders who prefer to lock into a specific sitting position while pedaling.
Comfort Zone
Small windows are cut away from the base of the saddle to provide additional relief from pressure on your sensitive areas. Comfort Zone is a subtle difference that provides impressive long-term comfort.
Short Length
Short 245mm length keeps the nose out of the way, especially while climbing a steep hill and hovering over the front of the saddle. The shorter nose also helps prevent snagging your riding shorts. The Speed She is WTB's shortest saddle.
Thick Padding
Thickest level of padding for maximum squish without sacrificing performance. Prefer a couch over a chair? Thick padding is what you're looking for.
Flex-Tuned Base
The Flex-Tuned base provides an exceptional mix of comfortable flex and firm efficiency. Not as supple as the Soft-Shell and not as stiff as a carbon-composite base, Flex-Tuned saddles offer mid-level flex to provide optimal support and comfort for the majority of riders.


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