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WTB - Deva Saddle

WTB - Deva Saddle

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Among the most beloved saddles in WTB history, Deva has proven itself as versatile saddle that appeases a wide range of riders. Its flat profile allows for numerous seated positions while a short nose allows riders to easily transition on and off the saddle without snagging their shorts.
USAGE: Gravel - Cross Country - Trail - Enduro

Product Rail Material  Rail Color Weight Details Width Length Sit Bone Range Part Number

Deva Titanium Medium Saddle

Titanium Metal with matte black 193g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNA Padding Medium - 145mm 260mm 102-130mm



Deva Cromoly Medium Saddle

Cromoly Metal with gloss black 275g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / HLX + Gel Padding Medium - 145mm 260mm 102-130mm



Deva Steel Medium Saddle

Steel Gloss black 305g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNAx Padding Medium - 145mm 260mm 102-130mm




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Found on all WTB saddles, the Love Channel is a valley down the center of the saddle that provides soft-tissue relief and prevents unwanted pressure that would otherwise cause numbness.

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Anti-microbial cover both protects and enhances the foam supporting your sit bones without interfering with its comfort or durability.

Flat Profile
Flat saddles allows riders to tilt their pelvis to varying degrees for different riding positions. Flat saddles are best for riders who prefer to utilize different sitting positions along the length of the saddle.
Short Length
Short 260mm length keeps the nose out of the way, especially while climbing a steep hill and hovering over the front of the saddle. The shorter nose also helps prevent snagging your riding shorts. The Speed She is WTB's shortest saddle.
ABR Corners
These durable patches of material protect the corners and sides of the saddle from rips and tears.
Medium Padding
This middle level of padding provides an exceptional balance of comfort and support to provide optimal performance without being too squishy. Medium padding saddles are often the top choice for all-day riders.
Flex-Tuned Base
The Flex-Tuned base provides an exceptional mix of comfortable flex and firm efficiency. Not as supple as the Soft-Shell and not as stiff as a carbon-composite base, Flex-Tuned saddles offer mid-level flex to provide optimal support and comfort for the majority of riders.
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